M.F.A. Sculpture - California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC).  Graduated with High Distinction 1993

    B.A.  Biological Sciences - University of California, Santa Barbara 1986


    Artist in Residence – Interdisciplinary Arts Program, San Francisco Arts Education Project (SFArtsEd), San Francisco, CA  May ‘14 – Present.   The program explores a contemporary art curriculum for high school students.

    Artist in Residence – Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA), San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)

    January ‘13 – May ‘14. The Independent Interdisciplinary Arts Project was a pilot program that explored a contemporary art curriculum for high school.

    Artist in Residence – The Workshop Residence, San Francisco, CA June ‘13.  With Batle family; artist will explore designs using recycled milk jugs in the creation of lamp product that will be locally sourced and produced.

    Artist in Residence - School of the Arts, San Francisco (SFUSD) September ’92 – September ‘97. Artist taught high school classes in sculpture, photography and drawing.

    Artist in Residence - San Francisco Arts Education Foundation, January ‘94 – June ’97 As an Artist/teacher worked with middle school students to create collaborative works with an emphasis in social consciousness.

    Artist in Residence - Berkeley Oakland Support Services, Summer 1995.  Worked with homeless youth to create outdoor public sculpture that traveled through East Bay streets

    Artist in Residence - Southern Exposure Summer Program, Summer 1995.  Work with Mission District Youth to create art that give a "voice" for their issues and concerns.

    Selected Artist - Arts Project for the SFUSD to introduce innovative integrated multidisciplinary arts projects to district teachers, Spring 1991

    Teaching Assistant – University of California, Santa Barbara, Summer 1986 Intro to ceramics.


    Guest Speaker

    California College of Arts Crafts, Sculpture (Cara Levine and Zoe Farmer) - Winter 2015

    Pixar Studios – Emeryville, CA 2013

    The Noguchi Museum – Long Island City, New York 2012

    Craft Forward Symposium - California College of the Arts, San Francisco & Oakland 2011, Panelist

    Design within Reach - San Francisco Studio, Fillmore St.  2008

    Velvet Da Vinci (West Coast Artists) - San Francisco, Fall 2007

    San Francisco Art Institute, Sculpture (Bette Burgoyne), Spring 1995.  Fall 1996

    California College of Arts Crafts, Sculpture (Mark Thompson) Fall 1994

    San Francisco Art Institute, Worlds in collision (Carlos Villa).  Spring 1993

    San Francisco Art Institute, Panel for Voices of Citizenry (with DIWA).  Aug. 1993

    Southern Exposure Gallery, Art in Education series Winter 1993

    University of California Berkeley - Painting (Yolanda Lopez).  Fall 1993

    University of California Berkeley - Panel at Asian American Art Conference - "Voices of Persistence", Fall 1993




    2016     Jack Fischer Gallery - CA,  Nov. - Dec. 2016

                 Solo Show:  Murmur/Tremble  feat. Ash Dancer

    2014     Artisterium – Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events – Tbilisi, Georgia

                 Nov ’14, “Rubble Riches Treasure Trash”

    2013     Lois Lambert Gallery – CA, Sept-Nov ’13, Group Show: “70% Water”

    2012     artMRKT San Francisco - Jack Fischer Gallery – CA, May'12

                 Velvet Da Vinci Gallery – CA, April-May'12 – Art Jewelry Group Show: “Wood”

    2011     Lois Lambert Gallery – CA, Sept-Nov '11 – Solo Show: “Almost Diamonds”

                 San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (SFMOMA) – CA, May '11 - Artist Warehouse Show

    2010     Art Zone 461 - CA, September-October '10 - Group Show: “Aqua: Art on Water”

                 SFMOMA Artists Gallery – CA, July-August '10 - Group Show: "Wondrous Strange: A 21st Century Cabinet of Curiosities"

                 Lois Lambert Gallery – CA, May-July '10 - Group Show: “NEW GRAPHITE”

                 San Francisco Arts Fair- Art Zone 461 – CA, May '10

                 SFMOMA – CA, May '10 - Artist Warehouse Show

    2009     Los Gatos Art Museum – CA, December '09-February '10 - Solo show of recent Sculpture and Graphite Paintings 

                 Howard Skinner Gallery – CA, November '09 - Two person show

    2009     Crocker Art Museum – CA, January - February – “The 75th Crocker-Kingsley: California’s Biennial”. 

                 BEST OF SHOW was awarded to Agelio Batle, Black Growth, 2008.

    2008     Art Zone 461- CA, December '08 - January '09 - Solo Show: "Heads and Tales"

                 Velvet Da Vinci - West Coast Design Group Show – CA, January – February ‘08

    2003     Art Exchange 2003 – CA, April ‘03 - Solo Show of mixed media paintings and objects

                 American Craft Council Charlotte – NC, December ‘03- ACC craft show

                 American Craft Council Sarasota – FL, December ‘03- ACC craft show

                 American Craft Exposition Craft Show – Evanston, IL, August ‘03 - ACE craft show

                 American Craft Council San Francisco - CA, August ‘03- ACC craft show

                 Lincoln Center, New York City – NY, June ‘03 - ACAC craft show

                 Lyndhurst Castle, Westchester County – NY, May ‘03 - Artrider craft show

                 American Craft Council St. Paul – MN, April ‘03 - ACC craft show

                 American Craft Council Atlanta – GA, March ‘03 - ACC craft show

                 American Craft Council Baltimore – MD, February ‘03 - ACC craft show

    2002     KPFA Craft Show - San Francisco, CA, December ‘02 - KPFA craft show

                 Philadelphia Museum Art Craft Show – PA, November ‘02- PMA craft show

                 American Craft Exposition Craft Show – Evanston, IL, August ‘02- ACE craft show

                 American Craft Council San Francisco - CA, August ‘02- ACC craft show

                 American Craft Council Baltimore – MD, July ‘02- ACC craft show

                 American Craft Council Chicago– IL, April ‘02- ACC craft show

                 American Craft Council Baltimore – MD, February ’02 - ACC craft show

    2000     Bindlestiff Theater - CA, October ‘00 - Designed and constructed stage set for Jeannie Barroga's play “Gadgets”.

    1998     Rayon Vert – San Francisco, CA, September ’98 - “Flora and Fauna”

    1997     SFMOMA Artists Gallery – Fort Mason CA, November ’97 – “Works on Paper” Group Show of works on paper.

    1996     Institute of Contemporary Art San Jose, CA, September ‘96 – “Location Location”

                 Group Show of works relating to ideas of place and geography.

                 California College of Arts Crafts and the City of Oakland – Oakland, CA, August ’96 “Neighborhood Flags” Worked with 12                          Oakland youths to design flags for their individual neighborhoods.  Flags hang over Oakland's Chinatown.

    1995     Euphrat Museum – Cupertino, Oakland and Berkeley, CA, September ’95, “Faces for change”.  A collaboration with homeless                    youth to create Kiosk-like structure on wheels, in the shape of a house containing images and poetic text about homeless                            experience. Structure traveled for one year on the streets of the East Bay in various outdoor sites.

                 Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA, June ’95, “Beyond the Refrigerator door” A show of innovative children’s artwork                      made in collaboration with Teacher/artists.

                 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – January ’95, “Brick project”, exhibited at the opening ceremonies of SFMOMA.  A one day              installation/construction of 1200 brick sized blocks of wood made by S.F. children about their ideas of home. Awarded, The                          National Scholastic Art Award, and a smaller scale installation in the Cocoran Museum in Washington DC

    1994     Southern Exposure Gallery - San Francisco, CA, November ’94, “Re: Drawing” 

                 Center for the Arts Yerba Buena Gardens - San Francisco, CA, September ’94, “Next to Nothing”

    1994     Center For the Arts Yerba Buena Gardens - San Francisco, CA, August ’94

                 “Peregrinasyon”  Set design stage play for Teatro Ng Tanan.

    1994     Capp Street Project  - San Francisco, CA, 2 year project, “Art in the Urban Landscape- 2 year project” various sites throughout                    San Francisco. Collaboration with Diwa Arts, a Filipino - American art Collective

    1993     Southern Exposure Gallery - San Francisco, CA, December ’93 “Drawing First”

                 San Francisco Art Institute – San Francisco, CA, August ’93 “Voices of citizenry”. A collaboration with DIWA Arts on installation                  diagramming a Filipino identity.

                 Gallery Here - Oakland CA, July ’93 “Moments of Perception” Group show dealing with human perception.

                 Gallery Here - Oakland, CA, June ’93 “This Space” Group shows dealing with the architectural elements of the gallery

                 California College of Arts Crafts Main Gallery - Oakland, CA, April ‘93 “MFA Exhibition”

                 De Vera Gallery - San Francisco, CA, April ’93 “Unabridged” One-person show

    1992     Mills College - Oakland, CA, November ’92 “Book Show” Group show of innovative art books,

                 Richmond Art Center - Richmond, CA, September ’92 “Truth or consequences” With DIWA Arts, designed and installed                                multimedia installation dealing with the colonization of the Philippines

                 Asian American Arts Conference, San Franciscio Art Institute - San Francisco, CA, February ’92

                 “Balance” Performance dealing with bicultural conflict

    1991     Mission Cultural Center - San Francisco, CA October ‘91”Rooms For the Dead” With DIWA Arts, designed and built multimedia                  installation dealing with death in Filipino - American culture.           

                 South of Market Cultural Center Gallery - San Francisco, CA May ’91,

                 “Salinlahi” Curate an exhibition of contemporary Filipino-American Artists

                 Davis Art Center - Davis, CA, April ’91

                 “Asparagus” Organized a multimedia installation about Filipino pioneer asparagus workers of California

    1990     Pro Arts Gallery - Oakland, CA, October ‘90 “Altar/Alter” Group Show  

                 New Langton Arts - San Francisco, CA, November ’90

                 “Extended Family: 250,000 Filipinos” Installation of documents from the Filipino community

                 Cowell Theater - San Francisco, CA “Cycles” Stage set design, Kulintang Arts

                 TransAmerica Pyramid - San Francisco, CA “Functional Fantasy”

    1989     Alligator Gallery, San Francisco, CA “Frisco 100”

                 Miller/Brown Gallery, San Francisco, CA Annual Show

                 Running Ridge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM One-person Show

                 Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA “Ceramics Now”

    1988     Miller/Brown Gallery, San Francisco, CA “Vessels:  Variation on a form”

                 American Craft Museum - New York City, NY, 2-year national tour “Young Americans”

                 Freehand Gallery, Los Angeles, CA “Clay”    



    2009     Best of Show - California Biennale - Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

    2007     Award of Excellence, American Craft Council, San Francisco, CA (for Wood Jewelry)

    2005     Juror’s Award for Sculpture, Saint Louis Art Fair (Cheryl Riley)

    1995     National Scholastic Art Award

    1993     High Distinction, MFA candidate CCAC

    1992     All College Honors CCAC

    1991     James Irvine Foundation Award CCAC

    1988     Young American, American Craft Council




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